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"We are restarting the conferences organized under the ERUDIO Meetings concept and supported by the philosopher and writer Horia Roman Patapievici, together with our partners CBRE and BISM.

In the previous series of Erudio Meetings, we had as topics of discussion Trust, Collaboration, Truth, Ethics and Knowledge, some of the themes of reflection and character building of a leader. But because a life well lived is, at the same time, Good and Beautiful, from the fall of 2022 we will open a new chapter of reflection necessary in our self-creation as leaders and of the world we live in: What is Beautiful or, more simply, About Beautiful .

The first conference will take place on October 20 and will introduce us to the Western philosophy of the Italian Renaissance that gave the Great Style in painting - "How the great style in Western painting was born. The Philosophical Problem of Geometric Perspective." In the view of the philosopher Horia Roman Patapievici, the innovations brought by the Renaissance in the way of representing man, objects and the world are related to two important theological problems: that of the human body as a Christological problem and that of the place where they meet, in the physical world, the world of divinity and that of man.



The second conference will take place on November 3 when we will delve into the philosophical meaning of a Romanian program, unique in the world, Painted Monasteries from Northern Moldavia - "Iconographic Program of Painted Monasteries from Northern Moldavia (16th century)". Starting from Sorin Dumitrescu's thesis regarding the existence of a unitary and conscious iconographic program of the exterior painting of monasteries in Moldova in the 16th century, the philosopher Horia Roman Patapievici will argue that each church in its entirety represents an image in splendor not only of the world, but also of its eschatological history.

Both conferences will take place at the CBRE headquarters, Calea Floreasca 165, 15th floor, Bucharest, from 4:00 p.m.

The participation fee per conference is 120 EURO + VAT/person. Discounts of 5% are given for 2 conferences, 10% for 3 or more conferences.
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For registration please contact Mihaela Gînju at: or by phone at 0744.377.173

You're welcome!"

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