Arilog Customs Academy is the product created as a response to the members' request to educate and develop their competencies in a professional framework connected to the European Union customs standard. ARCA offers specialization courses for people working in the customs field.
The course is designed to help you acquire basic skills, understand key concepts, relevant processes and terminology, while providing the opportunity to know and put into practice the complex mechanisms that govern customs activity


ARILOG collaborates with various universities in the country to attract students in the logistics activity: ASE Bucharest, Politehnica Bucharest, University of Pitesti, University of Craiova, etc. The partnership is developed in 3 directions: ARILOG members deliver case studies and practical presentations based on their experience and expertise, we supports students in performing the internships programs within member companies, we organize practical visits for the students in order for them to learn about the operations and about the specificity of the Romanian logistics industry.


A selection of writings about logistics and supply chain management that ARILOG members can borrow for free.
Also, if you have books that you've read that you want to recirculate so that others can enjoy valuable information, you can list the titles on our site, making these books available to borrow for anyone interested.