Founded in 2010, the TENROM has taken over the role of exclusive importer for the Romanian market of Tennant cleaning equipment, since January 2011. With an impressive portfolio, Tenrom was the first profile company in the country to develop exclusively online technical support services, as well as the first to offer customers Tennant cleaning equipment in a rental system, with service, consumables and overhauls free of charge.

Professional washing and drying equipment is the main category of the Tennant portfolio. With innovative technologies, increased efficiency and a significant reduction (up to 70%!) of water consumption, Tennant equipment is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. The range includes established models such as Tennant T2, T300e, T500e, T600e, T7, T12, T16, T17 or T20. If you are interested in a particular model, you can request an offer!

At an international level, Tennant has the largest service network among profile companies. TENROM manages to reach these standards in Romania as well, the company concentrating its efforts to ensure the necessary technical support for our customers. Tenrom has 4 service points nationwide - in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and Iași. Interventions are prompt and effective. You can request service by filling out the form!