We are specialised in financial services: debt collection and legal services for the national and international transport industry. We deal with the financial security of transport companies (TSL) in all Europe. For 16 years, we have been assisting our clients in the efficient recovery of debts and since 2016, we have launched our transport invoice financing service internationally. We recover internationally 86% of cases at the amicable stage, and up to 60% of cases we recover within the first 7 days.

 In Romania, we have been present since August 2021 and the number of our clients is constantly growing. For this reason we are constantly searching and developing innovative solutions to support the transport business environment. In addition, since July 2022 we have expanded through Trasncash in Romania also in Bulgaria, with dedicated staff answering customers in Bulgarian.

The range of services we offer to transport companies in Romania includes: amicable debt recovery services, national and international, with transparent and affordable costs, debt recovery services at the expense of debtors, SafePay-recovery with guaranteed payment, financing services for transport invoices via factoring or loan method.

Companies that are part of the Transcash group: S.A., Transcash Kancelaria Prawna Baranowski Sp. k., Transcash Software Sp., SRL based in Romania and TC Inkasso GMBH based in Germany.