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 Jean Damiens - Vice-President of the French Supply Chain & Logistic
                                 Association, Board member of ECBL,
                                 Managing Director of the E.S.T.-Ecole Supérieure des Transports

Benchmarking: a key component for best practices and innovation with the presentation of ‘Supply Chain 2020’ the new benchmarking project of ASLOG

Marc Verhaegen - CO Strategic Projects Manager, Agfa Graphics, proiectul castigator la ELA Awards, categoria "Cea mai buna prezentare", editia 2016

Sustainability through recycling via collaborative supply chain – Through analysing the carbon footprint of printing plate systems, find ways to reduce CO2 emissions and implement changes (like the circular economy) to achieve more sustainability and a win-win for all partners in the supply chain


 Hans van Leeuwen - Executive Vice President Central Europe Region, Toyota Material Handling

Trends in Demography and Technology effecting material handling - the world is changing, and the changes are more disruptive as before. We now have hotels, without room (AirBnB), or taxi companies without Taxi (UBER), retailers without a shop etc. But why should material handling changes, it has been that way for many years and will stay, or is that not true? The presentation touches on how trends in demography and technology could effect material handling


Rob Van Der Heiden - International Business Development Director, Slimstock

Reducing stock and maintaining service, it is about making the right decisions - The never static market circumstances forces companies to continuous focus on working capital and ROI. How can you align your inventory position with the market requirements and ensure the capital employed is being used right? A practical session providing tips you can start using straight away


Roman Turro - Vice President, Geseme

Healthy company, a challenge for the logistics company of the twenty-first century –  The health policies of the World Health Organization focus on the participation of the enterprises and workers in the promotion of a safer work environment, and healthy, through programs and activities relating to promote healthy lifestyles and to show the health as a social value.



Hanno Reeser - Business unit manager East region, H.Essers Transport

Secured supply chain solutions in a modal shift environment - the theft of cargo is one of the biggest problems in transport nowadays. On the other hand customers are asking for intermodal solutions  to reduce their carbon footprint, how to combine these two ?





Felix Garai - Manager Business Excellence, Mahle Componente de Motor

Cost reduction - can be a a motivational tool? After learning how to control their supply chain planning & procurement, managers tend to enter in a routine work. A possible approach is to encourage them to see the potential of the Supply Chain Management and start projects in order to cut down costs on the entire chain


Christoph Flöthmann - PhD Candidate, Kühne Logistics University

Logistics competencies, skills and training: a global overview - The World Bank has engaged the Kühne Logistics University to conduct a study of skills, competences and training in logistics. The new study is reviewing the available evidence on logistics skills shortages, training provision and certification around the world. It is also examining the opportunities for transferring best practice in logistics recruitment, training and accreditation from developed countries, such the UK, Germany and the US, into emerging markets.


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