Proficircle, a Romanian startup headquartered in Switzerland, is the first digital procurement platform for warehouse and retail equipment. The company was founded in 2020 with the clear idea to solve the decentralized and chaotic market for equipment sourcing. Proficircle has procured more than 1500 projects for 10+ industries in the last 2 years and serves clients across whole Europe. 

The platform offers an extensive range of shelving, material handling equipment and service providers on local and international level. Proficircle supports each company willing to find, buy and finance their equipment acquisition with a digital tool which helping them save weeks of sourcing and 15% of the projects cost.

The Auction system embedded in the price quoting mechanism digitalizes the whole negotiation process and makes it easier for each client to compare the best prices in less than a week. Visit the website for additional details, or follow us on the Linkedin page.