The Romanian Logistics Association

We are a guild association founded in 2002 and our most important objectives are:

# to constantly develop the communication platform for professionals working in the logistics and supply chain (including procurement, stock, planning, production, transport, etc.).

# to promote best practices within the Romanian logistics and supply chain industry

# to support the knowledge sharing serving our members as a continuous professional development

Supply Chain Reaction

SUPPLY CHAIN REACTION is a series of virtual events bringing opinions and knowledge from logistics and supply chain leaders, local and international, connecting with the audience via a performant live broadcasting.

ARILOG survey: digital transformation

This survey inniative will present a complete image of the local logistics trends. First study concerns the digital transformation and the impact it has on the business landscape. 

ARCA - ARILOG Customs Academy

ARCA is the product created as a  response to educate and develop your customs skills in a professional framework, connected to the standards of the European Union.




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