Networking Supply Chain Professionals

We are a guild association founded in 2002 and our most important objectives are:

# to constantly develop the communication platform for professionals working in the logistics and supply chain (including procurement, stock, planning, production, transport, etc.).

# to promote best practices within the Romanian logistics and supply chain industry

# to support the knowledge sharing serving our members as a continuous professional development


- within your professional network

- within the Romanian Universities

- in the spotlight of ARILOG Hub events


- educate your team

- learn from professionals

- certify your competencies

- ARILOG library


- meet over 500 specialists

- collaborate

- expand your network


- ARILOG events and partners events

- ARILOG InfoMap

- ELA certification of competencies



ARILOG is a professional community whose purpose is to promote and develop the knowledge and performances of Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain in all Romanian companies, regardless of industry.

As a response to the increasingly complex nature of the Association, ARILOG reaffirmed its principles and fundamental values by defining practical rules in order to ensure the efficiency and transparency of the entire activity.

The Code of Ethics assembles a set of rules which are in line with the values at the core of the Association Statute and act as a guide for individual conduct.

The Romanian Logistics Association - ARILOG is committed to adhering strictly to the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws. Any and all meetings, communications, conference, shared resources and collaborative workspaces (including, without limitation, the website; social or business networking tools, such as Linkedin, Facebook, data sharing document sharing, forums) conducted under the ARILOG auspices (collectively referred to as "ARILOG Activities”) are designed solely to provide a forum or means for the expression of various points of view. Under no circumstances shall ARILOG Activities be used as a means for competing companies to reach any understanding, expressed or implied, which tends to restrict competition, or in any way, to impair the ability of members to exercise independent business judgement regarding matters affecting competition.


While participating in all ARILOG meetings, conferences or side discussions, you should avoid discussing competitively sensitive information with competitors and follow these guidelines:

  • Do not discuss prices for services or products or anything else that might affect prices

  • Do not discuss what you or other entities plan to do in a particular geographic or product markets or with particular customers.

  • Do not speak on behalf of ARILOG unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • Do leave a meeting where any anticompetitive pricing or market allocation discussion occurs.

  • Do alert ARILOG staff to any concerning discussions

  • Do consult with legal counsel before raising any matter or making a statement that may involve competitively sensitive information.

These guidelines only provide an overview of prohibited activities. ARILOG legal counsel reviews meeting agenda and materials as deemed appropriate and any discussion that departs from the formal agenda should be examined carefully. Antitrust compliance is everyone’s responsibility; however, please seek legal counsel if you have any questions or concerns.


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