Arilog Book 

The unwritten history of Romanian logistics industry

The book is both a guide for new “recruits” in logistics “boot camp”, but also an enjoyable reading (even funny sometimes) to those who want to know more about logistics and related areas of its beginning on Romanian territory, with relevant figures at national level, historical stories, testimonies and also obstacles met at various moments in Romanian business environment.

At 10 years since the establishment of logistics movement in Romania, we have invited well known companies in every area of logistics or related fields, association members or supporters, volunteers, those who grew up with the association and those who joined us during these years, to write the history together and make it known to all. Each of these companies has contributed to what is now the logistics in Romania.

352 color pages, 11 chapters @ a price of 79 lei + VAT

CHP. 1. Introduction in logistics
CHP. 2. Important moments for the Romanian logistics industry
CHP. 3. ARILOG history
CHP. 4. The history of Romanian production industry
CHP. 5. The history of Romanian transport
CHP. 6. The history of Romanian logistics services
CHP. 7. The history of Romanian wholesalers
CHP. 8. The history of Romanian customs operations
CHP. 9. The history of Romanian industrial and warehouse spaces
CHP. 10.The history of Romanian logistics equipment and storage systems
CHP. 11. The history of Romanian IT&C logistics solutions
In memoriam
In stead of conclusions