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ELA Certification

The European Logistics Association (ELA) introduced a set of Standards in Supply Chain / Logistics Management, which form the foundation for the European Certification Board for Logistics (ECBL) to certify individuals who meet these Standards. for Romania, ARILOG is the institution authorize to evaluate, to certify competence and to give professional recognition.


The educational program includes partnerships with universities from across the country, such as: ASE Bucharest - Faculty of International Economic Relations, ASE Bucharest - Faculty of Business and Tourism, Valahia University - Targoviste, Babes Bolyai University - Cluj Napoca, etc.

LOGIN Project

Logistics Technologist – new harmonized qualification to unify, regulate and optimize in an innovative concept the disparate logistics activities from a fabrication system.

ARILOG is partner in this Erasmus project coordinated by Universitatea of Craiova, together with University of Lisbon, Spanish Center of Logistics, University of Applied Science from Austria, University of Rijeka and e-learning platform Danmar Computers from Poland.

ARCA - ARILOG Customs Academy

ARCA is the product created as a response to the members' request to educate and develop their competencies in a professional framework connected to the European Union customs standard.

ARCA offers specialization courses for people working in the customs field.

The course is designed to help you acquire basic skills, understand key concepts, relevant processes and terminology, while providing the opportunity to know and put into practice the complex mechanisms that govern customs activity.