New 4 EQF level qualification in Industrial Logistics

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Project Number: 2018-1-RO01-KA202-049371


LOGIN is an ERASMUS+, Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth.

The acronym stands for Logistics Technologist wich is meant to create a new harmonized qualification to unify, regulate and optimize in an innovative concept the disparate logistics activities from a fabrication system.

ARILOG is partner in this Erasmus project coordinated by Universitatea of Craiova, together with University of Lisbon, Spanish Center of Logistics, University of Applied Science from Austria, University of Rijeka and e-learning platform Danmar Computers from Poland.

The project will be developed over a period of two years and the final results will be constituted in the following:

  • Definition of the occupational standard / job position

  • New harmonized qualification guide

  • Elaboration of specific guideline for the qualification and certification

  • Elaboration of education materials according to the guideline prescriptions

  • Elaboration of database containing questions and answers for the examination of the trainees

  • E-learning application for the training of personnel who access the developed qualification system

  • Train the trainers programs

  • Workshops and seminars to disseminate information on the new developed qualification system


  1. Basics of logistics related to fabrication

  2. Fabrication processes and their logistics

  3. Auxiliary processes and their logistics

  4. Hardware and Software equipment used in logistics of fabrication

  5. Logistics of the product to deliver

  6. Collateral impacts of Industry 4.0 implementation

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