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Sondaj: Eficientizarea operațiunilor în transportul rutier

TRANS.EU realizează un sondaj în rândul logisticienilor și transportatorilor. Cei care completează acest chestionar vor beneficia de o reducere de 10% la achiziționarea unui abonament TRANS.EU cu plata lunară și o reducere de 20% la achiziționarea unui abonament anual cu plata in avans. Linkul chestionarului poate fi accesat aici:

Mastering the logistics business

ARILOG annual conference | 4-5 June 2020 | Grand Cinema & More Baneasa ARILOG Conference is a great example of peer-to-peer learning in action. The agenda is aligned with the key initiatives you’re working on and you will walk away with knowledge and information that you can immediately apply in your daily activity to get your job done better and faster. You will learn something new, particularly in an area that you don’t know much about today but is critically important for your career and professional development. Join us and let yourself inspired by the key movers and shakers of the logistics and supply chain industry. Agenda 4 June 2020 08.00 - 16.00 - conventional conference (coffee br

Romanian Shipper Report 2019

Master your skills in tackling transportation challenges on Romanian market Across Europe in 2019, carrier capacity increased and freight prices decreased, according to the latest Transport Market Monitor report, yet shipper-carrier cooperation has remained one of the biggest challenges in Romania. Download the latest Romanian Shipper Report 2019 and find out: What kind of sourcing strategy Romanian shippers are using? What are their feedback and forecast regarding transportation budgets? What are they planning to do to optimise transportation costs? Enjoy experts comments and an additional insights to fully understand Romanian transportation market changes!

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