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Logistics Coffee Talks


Logistics Coffee Talks is a podcast produced by ARILOG - The Romanian Logistics Association. The podcast presents a series discussions between professionals from the local logistics & supply chain industries, about life, profession, family, hobbies, accomplishments. The hosts of the podcast will vary from one edition to another.

The podcast is available on YouTube, Spotify & Anchor FM and you can find the links below.

Logistics Coffee Talks S1E10

Adriana Palasan & Florin Ioan

"Another thing I would like to mention is the companies lack of concern (service providers, production, distribution, etc.) to qualify their employees  on what they do. Because it happens quite often to have a dialogue with people working in logistics who do not know a delivery concept, what it involves, who do not know the means of transport … the service providers can serve as a kind of advisor, but this does not cover the lack of knowledge from the market" - Florin Ioan

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