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Celebrating the Great Union Centenary, ARILOG organizes the 16th Annual Conference of Logistics and

“This Romanian union would have no value if it did not support our very consciousness about its necessity, about its sacred, unscrupulous character, about what it represents today, something that a lot of the world doesn’t understand, a condition for the very existence of our people " - Nicolae Iorga, Romanian historian (1871 - 1940).

For the professionals, understanding the importance of logistics is a mandatory condition for achieving a company's overall success. Just as the Great Union was a high act of national will, in the same way, the desire to apply logistics principles and supply chain concepts in current business has helped many companies gain competitive advantages by becoming market leaders.

ARILOG has committed itself to advance logistics and supply chain management practices by creating a culture in Romanian logistics industry to stimulate the value and competitive advantage of its members, contributing to a prosperous and sustainable economic development of the sector at national level.

We are waiting for you at the ARILOG Conference to discover unconventional details about the Romanian history and to find the strategies of the leaders behind successful projects in the Romanian and international logistics and supply chain industry.

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