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ELA Logistics & Supply Chain certification of competencies

ARILOG is member at the European Logistics Association, based in Brussels, an association that in the 1980s has established competence standards for logistics and supply chain management in response to staff mobility in European countries. Thus, a unique educational system, unanimously accepted in ELA member countries, was created. The system recognizes competences and validates the experience of logistics professionals at various levels The ELA Standards are mapped to the European Qualification Framework, an EU initiative for harmonizing life-long learning. These competency standards are also related to the university education area, with the development and updating of them involving renowned professors.

The diploma certifies competencies, not the knowledge gained by each candidate.

Each year we are organizing three certification sessions and here you are the 2018 calendar:

• Session 1: March 24 – April 1, 2018

• Session 2: June 23 – July 1, 2018

• Session 3: October 6 – 14, 2018

Exam modules: Business Principles, Demand, Production and Distribution Requirements Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Design, Warehousing, Transportation, Sourcing and Customer Service.

For more details please contact us: | 0740 199 919