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CeMAT 2018 – world-leading logistics fair

April 23-27 is the date for the 2018 CeMAT exhibition, which is part of the Hannover Messe – one of the world’s largest and best-known industrial events. Located in Pavilion 32, Toyota Material Handling will be focusing on lean business practices, derived from the acclaimed Toyota Production System. Visitors will be able to gain an insight into Toyota’s approach to eliminate waste and maximise efficiency throughout manufacturing and logistic processes. Toyota is the source of lean thinking, and CeMAT 2018 will highlight how this is translated into today’s products and services.


Toyota’s booth at CeMAT 2018 will provide visitors with the opportunity to explore and learn about the company’s lean way of thinking. There will be a special ‘Logiconomi Forum’, where you’re welcome to come and listen to internal and external speakers who share our passion for logistics 4.0, big data, autonomous systems, safety, new energy solutions, robotics and artificial intelligence. Every day, a selection of leading experts will be focusing on one of these different key issues. You can already get a flavour of what to expect in a first previewDISCOVER OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKER


CeMAT will provide visitors with an insight to how Toyota uses automation in its own manufacturing and distribution processes, to streamline logistic flow. With a complete range of automated machines, Toyota can provide a simple step-by-step approach to automation, with fast commercial payback. Toyota will also be presenting an advanced new control system that seamlessly adapts operations to optimise the utilisation of available machines, avoiding traffic and increasing flow rate.


Toyota’s focus on lean logistics is firmly supported by its telematics solutions. The Toyota I_Site platform now measures the activities of over 50,000 connected trucks, allowing customers to maximise utilisation levels and improve standards of operation through effective operator and accident management. At CeMAT 2018 Toyota will present the latest release of I_Site, which includes a number of advanced new features.


Logistic systems are developing fast, to deliver competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. To meet the demands of tomorrow, Toyota – through its ‘Logiconomi’ programme - collaborates with customers, creative talent, and like-minded technology companies. At CeMAT 2018, Toyota will present some of the latest ideas and developments, with the opportunity to meet with the R&D team, and explore lean logistic processes in a virtual world.


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