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2018 IFS Conference, 5th edition, May 17th, Bucharest


We have the pleasure of inviting you as a Partner to the fifth edition of IFS Conference organized by IFS Management (Germany) and INAQ Consulting. The purpose of the conference is to provide the participants with the latest news regarding the quality standards issued by IFS and to connect the experts in the implementation of these standards with the final beneficiaries. As previous editions, the fifth edition of IFS Conference offers a wide range of topics that will be presented during the entire day of the event. Please find below the information regarding the topics, advantages for Partners and promotion packages.


Session I

- IFS Management GmbH

– presentation of IFS news: IFS Food version 6.1

- News about IFS Food version 7

- IFS auditors management

- Authorities MADR, ANSVSA, ANPC


- IFS auditor - The most common deviations from the requirements of the IFS standard met at IFS certified manufacturers

- INAQ Consulting - IFS Trainingcenter in Romania, presentation of services and trainings organized in 8 cities

Session II

- New requirements of IFS Food 6.1 regarding food fraude

- Details of new trainings INAQ Consulting

- IFS Trainingcenter in Romania