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ROMANIA CONNECTED – multimodal transport connects Romanian businesses with global markets

“Intermodal&Logistics” Magazine is organizing the second edition of ROMANIA CONNECTED, a B2B event dedicated to promoting multimodal transport solutions in Romania and neighboring markets.

2018 was declared by European Comission the Year of Multimodality and ROMANIA CONNECTED will underline the importance of these solutions on the market trough top presentations from international experts, relevant themes of debate, best practice examples.

The key subjects are:

  • Modal shift – paving the way to alternative transport solutions and key conditions for creating a multimodal efficient infrastructure

  • Strategies for increasing profitability and strenghtening customer’s confidence in rail transport

  • Digitalization in multimodal transport: intelligent technologies for multimodal chain management

  • Sustainable logistics – what does the „green” trend mean for transport and logistics companies and for their customers?

The open talks panel will approach strategies for increasing exports opportunities for Romanian businesses and the role that the logistics partners play in facilitating trade connections on the global market.

ROMANIA CONNECTED is an opportunity for manufacturing, exporting and importing companies in Romania to meet and discuss with logistics partners, to discover new ones, to analyze the latest transport connections by sea, rail, road or air and to choose the best way to deliver their good to foreign markets based on their needs, budget and customers requirments.

“We believe multimodality is a solution for the future in order to create a more efficient and sustainable transport system, especially when it comes to freight transport. Mixing cleverly more than one transport mode can lead to cost reduction and opening of new markets for exporting companies. Through this conference we aim to promote this concept and to present best practice examples that can be replicate and implemented by the participants in their own companies” said the event’s organizers.

ROMANIA CONNECTED will take place on September 20th at Caro Hotel in Bucharest and will gather more than 150 representatives from leading companies in wood industry, steel industry, paper and chemical, construction materials, retail&DIY, oil&gas, government agencies, customs representatives, Port of Constanza representatives, transport and logistics providers for a day that will bring networking opportunities, sharing ideas and experiences and identifying solutions.