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EUROLOG 2019, 3-4 aprilie - Atena

It has been eighteen years, since Athens hosted the 7th EUROLOG Congress on 2000, during an emblematic period for Greece and the city of Athens, when the preparations for the Olympic Games of 2004 were at their peak; this legendary challenge -which was perfectly fulfilled -was to provide a new perspective of the Olympic ideal, through the harmonious combination of cutting-edge technologies with the human culture and the arts, with the scent of old values and the invocation of ancient roots.

The25th EUROLOG 2019,is being organized at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has led to profound changes, not only to the field of industry, but also to the society in general, as well as to the economic rhythm and outlook.Logistics are more important than ever, for every small or big company or organization and like -almost -no other sector of the modern economy, contribute significantly to the creation of relationships between individuals and organizations and finally, connect different nations with various regions worldwide.

Romania will be represented by Mr. Daniel Enache - Logistics Manager, Powertrain and Chassis Plant, Dacia, who will deliver a presentation entitled Face to face with complexity in Logistics: in a very complex and competitive domain (automotive logistics) it is more and more necessary to have strong involvement of management in obtaining day by day performance. The presentation shows some actions implemented by the upper management levels in order to help team manager to better support their teams in order to understand priorities and strategic orientations and eliminate non-added value activities mostly by using new technologies.

In this context, we would like to encourage you to join the25th EUROLOG in Athens and learn more about “the new way of doing business”and the factors that underpin the success of logistics in the era of digital economy, through Keynote speakers, lectures and presentations of awardedinnovative logistics andglobal supply chain projects. Join ELA Talents dayworkshopsrelated to how to attract women in supply chain and Leadership in Supply Chain.

We look forward to welcoming you to Athens and to the 25th EUROLOG Congress!

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Spyros Olympios

President of the 25th EUROLOG 2019

President HILME -Hellenic Institute for Logistics Management,

ExecutiveBoard Member

Chair of Business Development Committee

ELA-European Logistics Association