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And the 6 finalists are…

The European Logistics Association is pleased to announce the 6 finalists projects of the 2020 ELA Awards competition (listed in alphabetical order). The finalists have been selected by an international jury, consisted of 26 members, high-level practitioners in logistics from sectors like retail, industry, consulting, service providers and the academic world.

“Order now - Logistic processes as an answer to e-commerce” Changing postal operations competitiveness through production and logistics network optimization modelling

by CTT Correios de Portugal S.A., Portugal

“MG2+” MG2+ is a collaborative project with four competing manufacturers (Carambar&Co., Cémoi, Ferrero and Mondelez) and two logistic providers (Interlog Logistic and FM Logistic) with a common objective to reduce the number of trucks on the roads and gas emissions. This innovative process of EDI pooling can mutualize trucks for the retailers and other distribution channels. This process aligns the orders of a retailer with the same delivery date for all four manufacturers in the pool. It is well suited for retail companies that do not work in shared VMI. This collaboration is made possible thanks to the management of the EDI pooling process by Interlog Logistic control tower with the support of a dedicated software.


“Goodbye Diesel” Significant CO2 reduction in transport by using alternative / renewable powertrains and fuels.

by Lidl - Krummen Kerzers, Switzerland

“SMILE - Smart and Innovativ - Logistics for eCommerce” Process Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Innovation-Management as an Enabler for eCommerce Growth.

by LOXXESS AG, Germany

“Logistics Optimisation Project” Gain access to industry best practice technology and expertise; reduce overall cost of operations and improve service levels to both internal and external customers.

by Rolls-Royce plc - CEVA Logistics, United Kingdom

“The Journey Towards Sustainable Logistics and A Smart Supply Chain” Implementation of a sustainable logistic solution for the Eastman through inland shipping and provide insight into the supply chain through the use of digital innovation to improve operational efficiency of the containerized export goods captured through the modal shift of the volume by 25% in the first year and 50% in the second year and the creation of a data-sharing platform for all parties involved.

In addition, the project should enable ITG to develop the inland shipping service further through attracting other (local) shippers.

by Stukwerkers - Interface Terminal Gent / Eastman Chemical, Belgium

The award ceremony will take place on November 10th 2020 at Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Zaventem, Belgium. For the first time this event will be accessible online as well, enabling a significant growth of our European audience and will follow this agenda:

#14:00 - 14:30: Keynote presentation *

#14:30 - 16:30: Presentation of the ELA Award finalists’ projects *

#16:45 - 17:00: ELA Awards Ceremony *

#17:30 – 22:00: round table + Network Dinner

*online as well

The “ELA Awards” has become one of the most prestigious and important European logistics competition and it is much sought after by companies throughout Europe. Its recognition of outstanding performance is highly valued by both previous winners and would-be winners alike.

Full details about the event can be found at

Contact info:

ELA – European Logistics Association Handelsstraat 77, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

Dominique Bergmans | | +32 471 83 29 89 |


ELA is a federation of more than 30 National Logistics Associations covering most of Western, central European and beyond. The members of these National Logistics Associations are professionals working in a logistics function, mainly in the industry but also in different service sectors. Throughout this network ELA reaches 55.000 logistics professionals.

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