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During this time of uncertainty, we’re all trying our best to adjust and protect ourselves, our families and communities. To connect with people and provide them with the proper information, at the right time, sometimes means anticipating trends or starting something new. 

SUPPLY CHAIN REACTION is a project through which ARILOG is reaching out to its members sharing information about the past, the present and future. It’s about showing you the reaction of your peers to an unforeseen situation. Their thoughts, their plans, their achievements.


SUPPLY CHAIN REACTION is a series of virtual events bringing opinions and knowledge from logistics and supply chain leaders, local and international, connecting with the audience via a performing live broadcasting.

Current edition:

The 4th edition of SCR will take place on September 30 and will approach the following subject:
How will The Warehouse of the Future Look Like?


Technology is becoming more and more central in almost every aspect of the logistics business, having an impact in the way that a building is used and leading to the modification of the construction requirements for such facilities. From industrial automation to IT systems and increasingly sophisticated equipment, all these lead to changes in the configuration and technical design of industrial buildings. We are inviting you to join us at the fourth edition of the virtual event SUPPLY CHAIN REACTION, which will take place on Wednesday - September 30, between 11.00 and 12.30.

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You can register to view this edition using this link.

If you want to be part of this project, as a speaker or as a partner, please contact us:


Oana Nae | | 0740 199 919

Previous editions:

SCR #1 - June 18 2020                                                                                   

Kick off edition supported and approved by 5 important names of the Romanian logistics industry, 5 Presidents of ARILOG over the years, who discussed various aspects about the pandemoic and economic crisses, about adaptation and new perspectives offered by the technology.                                           

SCR #2 - July 29 2020                                                                                   

Digital transformation is more about changing mentalities than about the technology itself. Although new technologies with attractive names such as AI, Machine Learning or Big Data are widely used in recent communication, the digital transformation is primarily about changing the mindset. Who makes the education and what is the trigger responsible for changing old mentality? What does this mean for the Supply Chain?                             



SCR #3 - August 26 2020                                                                                   

Professional education in logistics - Who is responsible for lack of professionals in logistics and supply chain industry? The companies and their leaders should pay attention in training their staff and find new ways of keeping the jobs and the workplace attractive for the changing generations. Recruiting strategies developed now may cover the need for a powerful team tomorrow. How can we create a logistics faculty and how can companies better collaborate with academic environment to turn logistics into an attractive discipline.



If you want to be part of this project, as a speaker or as a partner, please contact us:


Oana Nae | | 0740 199 919


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